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Vacation 2018 Part 3

Tuesday September 25th, 2018 We had our breakfast and made our way to Ballina. We stopped at the Abbey in Sligo.

It was super rainy.
Then we headed to Ballina and Belleek Castle.

It is a very pretty manor house if you don't pay too much attention to details. It had too much mold in the bathroom. I would suggest booking a B and B in the area. The breakfast was good but obviously cooked and kept in warmers. it was huge. this was the only king size bed we had on the trip. if your interested in seeing the castle there are daily tours.

From here we headed to Achill Island.  Then to Westport for a couple of nights.

Our first stop on the Island was a hike up a stream 1.2 km through sheep poop to see this megalithic tomb. Now is just home to fury catapillars and sheep... lots and lots of sheep.

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Vacation 2018 Part 2

Monday September 24th, 2018 To pick up where we left off , we started our day in Portrush, UK. We wole up early had our full Irish breakfast and walked into town to get a coffee. 

Ewebert makes his first real appearance.

This was our last day in Northern Ireland. We are headed to Donegal. The first thing we hit after we leave town is a restored hill fort. I found it to be a hidden gem. It wasn't something we planned for until the morning we left Portrush. I was looking for something on our way to Donegal.

It was a beautiful rainy find.

We made our way to Donegal town. The main attraction for Shane is it's the home of Hanna's Hats. He got six. We walked around the town, got some hats, had a cream tea, Saw the castle, settled into our B and B. Donegal Castle was small but beautiful.